Dealer Information

Dealer Information

The Anoka Antique Show & Flea Market hosts over 100 antique dealers from the Mid-West.

Where is the Anoka Antique Show?

The Anoka County Fairgrounds is located about 1/2 mile north of Highway 10 on N. Ferry St. (Highway 47) in Anoka, Minnesota. Anoka is about 30 miles due North of the Twin Cities metro area.

How big is it?

In the last several years the average paid attendance is 2,000. There are about 75-100 dealers.

How far ahead should I sign up?

We typically start assigning space in January, but large or wall spaces sell out sooner. We require a deposit of only half down, so if you’ve decided to set up at Anoka, send in the contract right away. We assign outside spaces as they are reserved.

May I arrive early?

General setup for dealers begins on the Friday before the show at 8 am - 6 pm and Saturday 6:30 am - 7:30 am. If you want to set up early, you must arrange it with us beforehand.

Dealer & Crafter Contract (PDF download)

This is a dealer & crafter contract for the Anoka Antique Show and Flea Market, compiled as a fillable PDF file. Open this file with Adobe Reader and type in the fields, you may save and print the contract.

Minnesota Tax form (PDF download)

Directly from the Minnesota Department of Revenue. We need to have one on file for all exhibitors. If you're not a dealer, just mark "Collector selling items from personal collection" on the form and return with your contract.


This is a map of the Anoka area from Bing. The fairgrounds are located 1/2 mile North of Highway 10 on Ferry St. (Highway 47) on the east side of the road.

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